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Crockett Gambrel founded Dallas Auto Exchange after spending over a decade being immersed in the cultures of two of the area's most prestigious luxury auto groups. The lessons learned from the strong leadership teams at these outstanding organizations helped him form a solid foundation, a servant attitude, and a strong moral compass. He excelled at sales and building relationships with clients, and he was consistently recognized for his over-the-top customer service scores.

The idea for Dallas Auto Exchange started when he realized the need for a company that could fill the void that is left between the two most common types of automotive dealerships. On one end of the spectrum you have the questionable cars, hidden problems, and sub-par ethics that are often found at bargain basement stores. On the other end are the luxury dealerships that typically offer great customer service, fancy perks and quality vehicles, but typically at substantially higher prices. His vision for Dallas Auto Exchange was to provide customers with unmatched overall value by offering solid cars, outstanding customer service, honest advice, and a transparent buying experience that was actually fun. Our expansive indoor showroom is modern and impeccably clean, but it isn't furnished with priceless works of art, or rich mahogany furniture. We prefer to pass the savings on to you.


If your idea of a good deal is saving a few hundred bucks on a sketchy car with a checkered past and more stories than Mark Twain ever had.... we probably won't be a good fit. On the other hand, if you can't live without being served gourmet tea while sitting on buttery soft, Corinthian leather chairs as you wait to write an unnecessarily large check to an eager finance manager in a swanky, five thousand dollar suit.... I don't know that we will meet your standards.

If you just want an amazing car, a fair price, a super easy transaction, and you can live with a cup of average coffee.... you're going to love it here!

We service customers nationwide, so even if you're not in our area, we can definitely still help. We specialize in locating, buying, consigning, and selling hard to find luxury vehicles. If we don't have your dream car in stock, we will find it for you!




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